Script: Research Me God, Body, Illness

[Scene] Video on different kinds of doctors’ offices, hospitals, rehab clinics, pictures of human cells, human DNA, Science, natural medicine or remedy’s, future medicine, people sick etc.…

[Scene] A woman by the name of Robyn stands in her kitchen dialing a close friend named Christina, the phone is dialing out.

[Synopsis] She has been battling for a few years now with an illness that doctors and specialist haven’t been able to find and pinpoint the problem or the root of the problem, they only offer the pill prognosis.

[Christina] sitting in front of her computer at home in the study, she hears the phone ring and it’s Robyn.

[Robyn] My friend Robyn is crying on the other end.

[Robyn] She is talking and saying “I feel like all the doctors have given up on me, I guess that why doctors call it a practice, because they are always practicing”

[Synopsis] After a week or so of researching an illness Robyn is struggling with, she makes an appointment with a doctor, except she goes in with some knowledge of her possible illness.

[doctor’s office] After talking a while to the doctor, he gives her an attitude because she has some knowledge of her body and certain illnesses, he gives her a thumb to eye gesture saying “I think you have Dermatomyositus” ” they do several blood tests to see if it is, but when the test come back negative, the doctor only offers her medication to suppress the immune system and a shot of a steroid to help with inflammation.

[Robyn] calls woman friend again, this time she sounds frustrated.

[Christina] I tell my friend “it’s time that you continue researching and Journaling your illness, don’t give up on hope, God is by your-side and working to solve your  Illness”

[Christina] I say a prayer with her while on the phone.

“Father God, we know life throws us all curve balls, but you teach us to be courageous and strong through tough times, you say in Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.  I ask that You give my friend Robyn and anyone in the world that is losing hope on healing that You just touch them right now with peace and let them see the hope that You bring, give them the strength and peace to continue to research, help all and anyone receive or find the right information when they research out these illnesses they battle with, In Jesus name Amen”

[closer Scene] The cross, people on computers, reading healthy lifestyle books, Happy smiling people, healthy life styles, eating fresh Organic food etc.…

The book Research Me: God, Body, Illness, flashes on the screen. And where to buy the book;

Amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, sindypheard.com/books

Created and copy-write by Sindy P Heard